Giving Thanks.

Americans will be celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday this week, a festivity that dates back to the first “Thanksgiving” feast held in 1621 by the American Pilgrims and their native American Indian neighbors. The Pilgrims were the first American colonists to settle in America after leaving Britain and they would never have survived their arrival and harsh beginnings at Plymouth Rock without the help of the native Wampanoag Indians, so their leader, Massasoit and his men joined the Pilgrims for the first Thanksgiving feast, meant to celebrate a successful first harvest. The celebrations lasted a week and included meals, sports competitions, singing and dancing. This week, and always, we wo

Vote for Loyalty!

Hello America! As you head out to the polls to cast your all-important election votes, please remember to be kind. The President of the Unites States (POTUS) will change, but your family, friends, business colleagues and neighbors will not, so please be respectful when disagreements arise. This election has had so many people in a panic, but in the end, whatever the result, we are all living in a small, global world and we all want the same things fundamentally. So, continue holding doors for strangers and let people cut in the line in traffic. Say please, thank you, and good morning. Be patient with a waiter, and smile at strangers as often as the opportunity is presented. Have faith that w

Well Played!

Another World Series is in the books. And what a game it was! Baseball fans were treated to a rare Game 7, 10th inning, right down to the nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat wire. Our hats are off to the Chicago Cubs, who are celebrating a well-deserved victory after a 108-year drought. Well played, both teams. It was truly one of the best winner-takes-all World Series to go into the history books. So, about that name…"The World Series?" Most Americans aren’t even sure WHY the final showdown between two AMERICAN teams in the Major League Baseball League is called THE WORLD SERIES. Well, we’ve done the research and we are happy to enlighten you. For many years, it was believed that the name came fr

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