Hotel WiFi Marketing Platform


Marker InfoComm has been in the loyalty business for almost three decades and we’ve always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of technology in the hospitality industry. 


We’re very pleased to release our newest loyalty software that uses WiFi as a marketing tool.  Use of this software will allow hotels to further grow valuable in-house loyalty programs, as well as provide event specific WiFi which may become a profit center at the hotel level.


GuestsOnBoard is a simple WiFi based marketing platform that includes features such as -


  • Guest logs on using email address or Facebook profile

  • Guest can be directed to sign up for a hotel loyalty program if not already a member

  • System can reward guests who sign-on who are already loyalty members with fully customized rewards

  • System can guide guests to Direct Booking Platform and offer an incentive for Direct Bookings

  • Guest can be surveyed as desired

  • Coupons, announcements, etc. can be sent to devices real time

  • Measure foot traffic of all devices in proximity to modem

  • Reminds guests of Hotel Loyalty Programs, FFP Programs or other hotel level loyalty and marketing initiatives

  • Builds email contact lists

  • Instant and property based rewards and promotions

  • All data is real time

  • PCI Compliant

GuestsOnBoard provides Comprehensive Reporting including -

  • New loyalty member sign up data

  • Existing loyalty member engagement

  • Dwell time of logged on guests

  • Foot traffic measured if not signed onto the system


Event Specific Setup available

  • Potential profit center at the hotel level

Automated Hotel Billing File Integration

  • Property-specific participation billing files are generated monthly and sent directly to corporate accounting platform for automated inclusion on hotel invoices