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iHAMMS® Product Line

iHAMMS® OnLine Control Panel

iHAMMS® OnLine is a web-based Internet tool for hotel staff to enter frequent flyer program data for any airline FFP Program onto one simple standardized online form.

iHAMMS® OnLine lets hotels control their own input, correct and verify their own data and generate their own custom reports.

Input data is immediately validated with each FFP Program and guest mileage/point rewards are calculated, including any special promotions. Prior guest FFP requests are also returned for better customer service.

iHAMMS® OnLine also serves as the overall control panel for complete FFP Administration, Management, and Reporting tools including:


  • Comprehensive array of standard reports with easy user controlled filters for individual customization

  • Guest rewards inquiry with error correction capability

  • Special Promotions setup and administration

  • Property set-up and user administration tools

  • Built in System Bulletin User communication tool

  • Airline FFP Program Invoice Validation Support

  • Hotel Billing System Integration options for participating hotel properties

iHAMMS® Direct

iHAMMS® Direct is a connectivity tool that links airline Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) data directly from hotel data capture systems such as Property Management Systems (PMS),  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and/or Hotel Loyalty Programs directly to airline FFP programs through the powerful iHAMMS®processing engine.

Using iHAMMS® Direct, a hotel may collect FFP information with existing PMS,  CRM or Loyalty Program interfaces and input dataduring guest check-in/check-out, and then upload this data for direct connection to any airline FFP program in the world using the exclusive iHAMMS® Direct link.

iHAMMS® Direct makes sending or receiving data easy and straightforward. iHAMMS® support will set-up a unique interface for each participating hotel property for regular data submissions and feedback.


Supported by the powerful iHAMMS® OnLine Administration and Management tool, iHAMMS® Direct is the modern gateway to advanced FFP Program administration. 

iHAMMS® FrontDesk

The world’s only Windows-based FFP magnetic card reader software that reads most airline issued magnetic striped FFP cards quickly and accurately.  iHAMMS® FrontDesk works at either guest check-in or check-out times to collect and verify FFP information.  This tool also provides a simplified data entry screen for guests without their airline program cards.

State-of-the-art software assists staff to quickly collect FFP data and verify it with the iHAMMS OnLine database that is already connected to your airline partners.


The powerful iHAMMS mileage promotion calculation engine will let your customers know instantly how many miles or points they will earn directly at check-in or check-out.

FrontDesk is exclusively designed to maximize data accuracy and speed of rewards handling for hotel customers while minimizing staff time in the busy front desk environment.

iHAMMS® Recon

iHAMMS® Accounting Reconciliation Services couldn't be easier.  Your hotels collect the data, provide us with a compiled data file of customer stays, and iHAMMS® does all the rest, from calculating promotions to validating airline invoices for mileage rewards.

While many hotels have systems in place that collect stay data and base/bonus information, most systems do not offer the very important "back-end" function of accounting reconciliation of invoices with each airline partner.  Our systems can save your hotel money.

The iHAMMS® system allows us to take your compiled data, split the data apart by hotel property and airline partner, reconcile every transaction by airline, and return fully reconciled data to you.   Each transaction is reconciled with each airline system by our automated connectivity and accounting systems.  Airlines are not banks, and thus errors do occur.

Airline invoices for each participating hotel may be validated for accuracy and completeness to eliminate over-billings and other airline errors. Additionally, hotel staff may inquire online as to the status of customer transactions & confirm actual airline posting dates for mileage awards.

iHAMMS® currently features connectivity with over 50 of the world's major airline FFP programs. We continue to add new airline programs to the system on a regular basis, at our hotel client's request.

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