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My Loyalty Rewards

Point Based Loyalty Program

Marker InfoComm's "My Loyalty Rewards" software is the most robust and scalable loyalty program software solution available on the market today. It is designed to work in any hospitality or retail environment with minimal customization required to start your own Loyalty Program today!

it’s no secret that the collection of your customers’ loyalty information and transferring that data to a rewards program can be challenging. And then what about the fulfillment? Many hotels abandon loyalty programs because of their overwhelming, labor intensive, costly and technically difficult details.


But we are here to help! Allow My Loyalty Rewards software to simplify this daunting task and create your own customized loyalty program.

Advanced IT tools help hotels of any size manage and execute all administrative and management tasks quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

And your customers are worth it, right?

Our state-of-the-art automation tools for use in data capture of hotel loyalty reward information will help keep your customers coming back. Our tools process and retain accounting history of this data with loyalty reward systems worldwide.  Our software can help reduce costs associated with the management of your programs.

A cost-efficient, complete, web-based automated guest loyalty and appreciation program for hotels of all sizes. My Loyalty Rewards contains all the tools necessary to create,  launch and manage a customized loyalty program for your hotel.

Accurately identify and reward your best customers with special awards such as:

  • Gift Certificates

  • Spa Services

  • Complimentary Champagne

  • Free Room Nights and Room Upgrades

  • Area Attraction Discounts and Tickets

  • Room Service Reward Baskets

  • Frequent Flyer Mile Transfers 

  •     (via iHAMMS® FFP Software Solutions)


Existing Software Integration
Already awarding mileage or other rewards to your guests? No problem! We can integrate our system with yours to improve efficiency and provide loyalty program enhancements.


Standard Features

  • Secure, fully managed and hosted website server platform that may be linked to hotels’ official websites

  • Standard website design and navigation 

  • Customer Registration Platform on-line, by hotel staff, or via optional registration cards

  • Rewards Collection and Management Platform: My Loyalty Rewards will collect customer activity via online updates provided by hotel staff

  • Activity Tracking to alert when pre-defined award thresholds are achieved

  • Built-in Standard Reporting (Member Listing, Award and Threshold Report, Customer Activity, Redemption History Report, etc.)

Program Upgrade Options

  • A Customized website with your logo and art parameters

  • A Data Bridge to your PMS system to automate collection of customer activity

  • Fulfillment services for threshold rewards as requested by customers or hotel staff

  • Customer Welcome Kits

  • Personalized Magnetic Customer Cards automates the collection of customer information

  • Collateral development and marketing services (Front Desk signage, rack cards, brochures, registration pieces, e-mail blast campaigns, gift cards, etc.)

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