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Another World Series is in the books. And what a game it was! Baseball fans were treated to a rare Game 7, 10th inning, right down to the nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat wire. Our hats are off to the Chicago Cubs, who are celebrating a well-deserved victory after a 108-year drought. Well played, both teams. It was truly one of the best winner-takes-all World Series to go into the history books.

So, about that name…"The World Series?" Most Americans aren’t even sure WHY the final showdown between two AMERICAN teams in the Major League Baseball League is called THE WORLD SERIES. Well, we’ve done the research and we are happy to enlighten you.

For many years, it was believed that the name came from the fact that the original series was sponsored by the New York World Telegram newspaper, thus becoming known as the ‘World’s Series’. However, popular as this explanation may be, it’s not actually true and although the newspaper did report the results of the games, it had nothing to do with the naming of the competition. The real reason behind the name is thanks to the 1903 owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates. That year, he wrote to the owner of the Boston Red Sox challenging them to a ‘World’s Championship Series’. The Pirates were the best team in the National League and the Red Sox were the best in the American League, the two sub-divisions of the Major League Baseball League. The games went ahead and Boston won the series five games to three. Over time, the 'World’s Championship Series' name has been shortened to the World Series and has been played every year apart from 1904 and 1994.

So what about a true competition of baseball WORLDWIDE CONTENDERS? Who are those World Champions? That title is reserved for the winners of the World Baseball Classic, which is an international tournament started in 2006. Japan won that first Classic, then again in 2009, and the title was then handed over to the Dominican Republic in 2013. The next World Baseball Classic will be in 2017 and more than 25 countries will participate.

Here at Marker InfoComm, Inc, we are proud of our International Victors, our worldwide clients around the globe that can attest to our willingness to play ball globally. We are always striving to remain the reigning champions of tailor-made Loyalty programs to suit the needs of each client, as each are in a league of their own!

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