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Are your guests suffering from Terriflying? Are they confused with your Loyalty or FFP Airline Rewar

Recent studies are indicating that many travelers are simply confused by loyalty and frequent flyer programs. YouGov, a global opinion and data company has released the following results:

  • 54% of Americans surveyed find frequent flyer programs confusing

  • 47% say hotel loyalty programs are difficult to understand

  • 35% of frequent flyer program members surveyed don’t know how many miles they have in their accounts

  • 36% don't know how to redeem their mileage rewards

  • 47% of hotel loyalty program members surveyed don’t know their point totals.

  • 33% don't know how to redeem their points

What this means is your guests are literally leaving their rewards behind. The result may not always be repeat loyalty, which is the ultimate goal. Launching and continuing to deliver on a clear, concise program is key. Marker InfoComm Inc/iHAMMS is here to help. We have been simplifying loyalty solutions for our clients for over 30 years.

With direct connections to over 50 airlines, 3000 hotels and other loyalty platforms, we can eliminate the confusion to help all of your rewards programs fly straight.


Offices: Orlando | Los Angeles

Cloud-Managed FFP

Increase Loyalty.

Refine Processes.

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