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Do Something for YOUR Selfie!

In today’s social media and technology-driven world, text heavy articles, news postings, and personal messages have gone by the wayside. Almost anything posted online, even just random musings, includes a photo or video, enhancing the viewer’s understanding of the subject matter, or in many cases, the stand-alone picture serves as the message on its own. Remember the old adage “a picture tells a thousand words?” Indeed it does.

And now, we even have a new word introduced into the dictionary. The SELFIE! The dictionary definition of a “selfie” is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. Like it or not, selfies have become prevalent in today’s online culture.

Here at Marker, we have ALWAYS had the world of selfies in mind. Our client’s guests are the selfies out there who want to travel and be seen doing what they love. We believe everyone should get to see their face in their favorite city, having their bucket list adventure, visiting far-flung friends and family…simply put, to show their selfies anywhere on the planet they most desire to be.

Picture YOUR guests’ self-portrait in the places you most desire.

How? We can help.

Reward your guests with Frequent Flyer miles and allow them to live out their selfie dreams.

Because here at Marker, some things never change…we have always wanted your guests to do something for their selfies!

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